Munchies: Getting High Off Asian Food with Eddie Huang


Chef Eddie Huang is tired of Americans eating Chinese food like hooligans, so on this tour of the best Asian restaurants in NYC he teaches us how to eat soup dumpling properly. We also follow him and his crew, which includes Grammy Award-winning producer Emile Haynie and nightlife empresarios Max Koshkerman and Simonez Wolf, to the Russian Bath and lastly back to BaoHaus for some drunken eats.

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41 thoughts on “Munchies: Getting High Off Asian Food with Eddie Huang”

  1. K I know this is just to entertain, but the mis-message is going too far.
    First, Shanghai is still considered south. So Shanghai breakfast is different from those from the North. We even have different names for the so called "Bao". Shanghai people say "Mantou" while the Northerners say "Baozi". Second, growing up in Shanghai for 14 years. I have been eating soup dumplings in a different way. Maybe that is how they do it in Taiwan. But in Shanghai, in Nanxiang, where soup dumplings originated, you dip it in vinegar, bite a small hole to suck the soup out, and then you dip again to eat the rest of the dumpling.
    Finally, his Taiwan pride is going too far. All the best chefs fled to Taiwan? Then who the F cooks for Chairman Mao? You think he would kick the best chefs out so he can enjoy shit food? Come on.

  2. so much profanity, he's going to get socked in the mouth one day. just watch. one day. (hmm then again, maybe he just does it for tv and doesn't really talk like that in real life).

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