36 thoughts on “gypsy food from new york restaurants the best in ny”

  1. YoY Cousin from Carnige to Little Italy Its great I want to go to new york now thanks cousin thats a $1,000 trip to NYC… Anyway cousin great video, Its me Sweetie Fancy's Little sister God Bless You and your family.

  2. ny has the best food ! but i think chicago has better hot dogs!

    yoy i swear just watching this video i gained 10 puonds lol ! to visit ny you gotta loose about 20lbs befor you get there so you can eat lol and still loook the same lol lol

  3. Mikextc I am sorry for you but I live near Chicago & NY food is better I just took a trip with the wife & kids & we went to NY & the food rocked bray the NY hotdogs & Knises alone killed beat every thing in Chicago

  4. krispy creams are not from ny there from los angles .lol.u should come here and try our food sir the best sushi and fruit smoothies around lol.doesent charlies have rats…lol i wouldnt go there no more…lol p.s.all i miss is the tastykakes please send sum

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