Indonesian Restaurants in Queens, NY


This is such a little culinary adventure around Elmhurst area in Queens, NY. We tried couple best dishes from 4 different Indonesian restaurant over there. Basically we break it down into our breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was great experiences to meet all Indonesian Restaurateur and also have an easy access to spoiled our taste.

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29 thoughts on “Indonesian Restaurants in Queens, NY”

  1. Gosh…it would be great if I found ur video earlier, I was in New York couple months a go and I thought I can bring some of my friends to Indonesian restaurant cos I made "nasi goreng", "nasi kuning", "ayam bakar" before and they love it but they want some more but I have problems with the ingredients cos they have not much in Michigan.

  2. Thank you for makeup this video in English. I married an Indonesian from Padang and I've being looking for Indonesian food and stores in US. We live in Florida and there's pretty much nothing here from Indonesia. Can you list the address of the places in New York? Thank you.

  3. kebetulan saya memang lagi nyari2 info spt ini. Will be in Manhattan for 4 days in mid May, so hopefully I can try at least some of those eateries you're showing in this video. Those dishes look yummy…sluuuurp LOL. Kalau mau cari toko yang jual bahan2 makanan Indonesia spt kerupuk, bumbu2 instant dll ada nggak ya? either di Manhattan or Elmhurst? ditunggu info nya, makasih :)

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