13 Things NOT To Do in New York


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New York City is often referred to as the greatest city in the world and we can see why. Just the energy alone is magnetic. But before you consider yourself an NYC expert, check out these 13 things you should not do in the Big Apple.

1. Don’t buy a Sandwich from Subway
NYC offers some of the best fresh delicatessens in the world like the Carnegie Deli, Artie’s Delicatessen and 2nd Avenue Deli on 33rd street. But avoid Katz’s as it has turned into a huge tourist trap.

2. Don’t Get into an Empty Subway Car
There’s a reason that it’s empty. Either the A/C isn’t working or there’s spilled bodily fluid or something is up. Trust us!

3. Don’t Stop on the Sidewalk
Do not be that tourist that stops in the middle of the sidewalk to look at a map or to take a photo. New Yorkers are speed-walking pros so don’t impede the flow.

4. Don’t Make Small Talk
New Yorkers are not necessarily known for their calm, patient, friendly demeanor, so don’t expect to spark up idle chit chat on the street. They’re usually happy to give directions but only to prove how well they know the city.

5. Don’t Eat at a Chain Restaurant
Locals avoid Times Square like the plague as it is a tourist trap with lots of chain restaurants and visitors wearing “I LOVE NY” t-shirts (oh, yeah avoid this too). Patronize the myriad of local restaurants to really experience the authentic flavors of the city.

6. Don’t Avoid the Outer Boroughs
Manhattan is usually what most people think of when they visit New York, but there are four other boroughs to explore too. Take the subway to Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn or Staten Island and discover the unique charm of greater New York City.

7. Don’t Pay for a Statue of Liberty Tour
Avoid this outrageously priced tour and take the Staten Island ferry instead. The 50 minute round-trip ride passes most of the same sights and is completely free of charge.

8. Don’t Skip a Museum Because of the Entry Fee
The entry fee that you see for most of New York’s world renowned museums is just a suggested amount. You actually only have to pay what you can afford.

9. Don’t Use an ATM Inside of a Store
Some store owners that don’t accept credit cards but provide a convenient ATM inside their shops. However, it’s a trap! These machines often charge an excessive withdrawal fee!

10. Don’t Assume It’s Safe to Cross the Street
Many tourists wander across the street because they see groups of other people doing so. Fast-walking New Yorkers will make it safely to the other side because they have the well-honed instincts of a local. You, however, do not. Wait for the pedestrian light if you value your life.

11. Don’t Tell the Cab Driver Where You’re Going Before Getting In
This way the picky driver won’t be able to tell you they’re not going that far. Hail the cab, hop in and then explain where you’d like to go. Use the subway or walk as much as possible, because taxis will most likely end up stuck in gridlock traffic.

12. Don’t Be a Scam Victim
Don’t buy blank CD’s from aspiring young rappers or be fooled by the man dressed in a suit asking for bus fare. Avoid playing card games on the street and watch your wallet in large crowds. New York is full of scam artists, so keep your guard up.

13. Avoid the High Line on Weekends
This public park built atop an old elevated railway on Manhattan’s West Side is definitely worth strolling, but avoid the weekends when it’s a wall-to-wall tourist-clogged conveyor belt.

Now you’ve got the NYC street smarts, you’re ready for the city that never sleeps!

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38 thoughts on “13 Things NOT To Do in New York”

  1. Best things about New York:

    1. All roads clogged with deafening traffic
    2. Central Park muggings and sex crime
    3. Genetically modified, mystery meat hotdogs
    4. Expensive hotels infested with rats
    5. Everyone has to wear an anti-pollution mask
    6. Get attacked if you don't tip
    7. The hot, crowded, stinking subway
    8. Aggressive beggars everywhere.
    9. Taxi drivers can't speak English
    10. Expensive hotels infested with cockroaches

  2. The rappers selling CDs are not scammers. "What?" you say? No, they're not scammers; they're muggers.
    They get away with it because to the police they look like they're only scammers, and the police don't take scamming very seriously. In reality, if you decline to buy their CDs they intimidate you and threaten to beat your ass. Then they play the race card as if they don't embody all the worst black stereotypes.

  3. At 0:41, #2 is stupid. Yes while sometimes it has something wrong, most times it's because nobody gets on the end cars, or it isn't rush hour and no one is taking the subways except for tourist. And believe me, empty subway cars are the funniest to go on :]

  4. The suggested donation rules, specifically those for the Met and AMNH, are an end result of the agreements that allow them to occupy city owned park land rent free.

  5. Sorry but gotta say I agree with these completely. Most New Yorkers are definately not patient or calm! – I'm 14 and got shouted at by some big huge black guy on the subway for sitting too close to him – luckily another guy stood up for me saying "he's just a kid man" but the big dude almost got this guy to the floor saying "If that was you I woulda smashed your face in" he clearly wasn't having a great day. crazy.

  6. I'm surprised you didn't add this but but don't be that person with i gigantic umbrella and not notice you can take someones eye out with the metal ends holding the top part up..

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