Crustless Pizza At Umberto’s The Inventors Of The Grandma Slice — Cult Following


The birthplace of the grandma pizza is nearby on Long Island at a longtime family-run business called Umberto’s — and obsessives of the restaurant say it still makes the best version in the country.

In this episode of Cult Following, host Serena Dai visits Corteo with former Long Island food critic (and current Eater New York editor) Melissa McCart to see what all the fandom is about.
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25 thoughts on “Crustless Pizza At Umberto’s The Inventors Of The Grandma Slice — Cult Following”

  1. Improving, but still terrible. The guests she has on are better than she is. Who else feels bad for the restaurants she reviews. We hate her review (if you even can consider it a review), not the restaurant. I wonder if the restaurant had no choice, but to have her review their place.

  2. You know .. I think the previous criticisms have been taken into account and I can see that they are trying to enrich her episodes with more knowledge and description .. def. a step in the right direction.

  3. If you thought Eater's 'Cult Following' series couldn't get worse, stand up, walk to the window, and leap to your ultimate freedom. Or, if you've elected out of traditional suicide, sit back, click play, and take in the brain seizing wonder that is Serena Dai. Marvel as a so-called "former food critic of Long Island," describes olive oil as "a seasoning of sorts." Seethe with discontent as two quasi-personalities munch on the "crispy bits." Take heed of such dynamic bumper dialog as "like, honestly. How could we not eat it?" Has Eater no shame? Is there a god? What is the meaning of life?

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