Is This Dry-Aged Patty America’s Best Burger? — The Meat Show


Peter Luger Steak house in Brooklyn, New York is widely thought to have the best steaks in the country- but they also serve a lesser known burger at lunch time that may be just as formidable. On this episode of The Meat Show, host Nick Solares stops by Luger’s to check out what goes into their burger; and to eat one, of course.

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39 thoughts on “Is This Dry-Aged Patty America’s Best Burger? — The Meat Show”

  1. Big fan of Eater but this episode is Bullshit!.
    Stop comparing youre burger with a steak!
    And you can put every thing you like on a burger specially cheese.

  2. at least he give you some informations and what dry aged burger looks like. if you don't like him just don't rewatch this and comment. The thumbnail already intrinsically describe what contain will be shown.

  3. The point of a burger is that you're not eating a steak. It's okay for the meat to taste like steak but it should also have everything that a burger should. Maybe Nick should eat a steak…

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