Good Humor – Int’l Restaurant Show 2016 NYC (The Vintage Ice Cream Guys)


Flash back: do you remember hearing the bells jingle when the good humor truck came by? You can re-live those days again! Rich Solomon your host on “Taking Care of Business” tours a 1949 Good Humor Ice Cream Truck (the last one surviving) and becomes nostalgic for an era that is long gone. There is a great historic photo in the montage at 6:09 on the recording of the Good Humor fleet in the depot in Queens, New York.

Please note that this is the first “food truck” in the business.

You can hear the bells at 2:09 on the recording.

Trivia: the truck was white to reflect the sun to keep the ice cream cool!

More trivia: in the 1970’s, due to the cost of fuel, the trucks became part of the reef off of Jones Beach in Long Island-there are only 30 or 40 trucks still left

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Original on Youtube

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