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Reggae superstar Shaggy—the hitmaker behind “Boombastic” and “Angel”—came through FWF HQ to weigh in on some of NYC’s most popular beef patties. What does a born-and-bred Jamaican make of trendy, new-school patties at Miss Lily’s, and local chains like Golden Krust? Find out in this super-official taste test, then learn more about NYC’s beef-patty culture on Food Grails:

Director: Justin Bolois
Editor: Ben Nelson
Director of Photography: Jose Melendez
Production Manager: Domonique Burroughs

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20 thoughts on “Shaggy Ranks NYC Beef Patties | Food Grails Extras”

  1. Where has Shaggy's strong Jamaican accent come from? he always had a pretty regular american accent and it seems like he is just putting this on for some weird reason

  2. Damn he gave Miss Lily's a 0 lol… But lowkey i think he's ranking were right… But why didn't they get patties from a place that is known for them… these werent the best in the city

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