How-To Make Action Bronson’s Chicken Parm


Pre-order Action Bronson’s new ‘F*ck, That’s Delicious’ cookbook:

We’re celebrating with Action in the MUNCHIES Test Kitchen, where Action is blessing us with something necessary that should be in everyone’s arsenal: a chicken parm. Follow closely and you can too make this magnificent dish with oozy cheese, a simple (and delicious) red sauce, and golden brown chicken that will make you shed one small tear at first bite.


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33 thoughts on “How-To Make Action Bronson’s Chicken Parm”

  1. Just bought the book, you really wooed me on your Parisian trilogy tour. Your outlook on life inspires me to live in the same manner with such an appreciation and awe at all that sounds me. Thank you for creating such beautiful content, can't wait (but I will) for the next book!

  2. God I feel blessed with some cooking knowledge after watching this. I have never attempted to try to make Chicken Parm myself, so I think I now have grown some cooking balls to try. Thank you Action, this looks AMAZING!

  3. I can understand why some people wouldn't like garlic…but I love it. I used to get it in a jar with full cloves and would eat them out of the jar. lol I seem to like things that make your breath bad like garlic and onions.

  4. That's right, don't plate it or anything. Just eat that fucking abortion right out of the pan. No cuth whatsoever. I would never serve a fucking over-cooked, greasy mess like that to someone I cared enough to take the time to cook for.

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