43 thoughts on “Noma one of the Best Restaurants in the World”

  1. The most I see every where ,the cook use their bare hand to touch the food ,then touch and hold pot ,knife ..too much to touch around the kitchen . how often  they wash their hand ? the food is good .But  good food  is not always safe and clean food

  2. Oh yes, I really enjoy that as well sometimes 🙂 Chefs tend to like everything thats well made, doesn't really matter what.

    But hey, you probably spend money on stuff that I would never dream of. I think everyone has something 😀

  3. I understand the whole art thing but hey it's just not for me. Food art to me is making your mouth water as much as possible. Like lets just compare a McDonald cheeseburger to a triple the size burger made with organic meat non of that processed bull, rare to medium rare, all of your favorite toppings, grilled buns, and just everything else you enjoy eating. Of course it's not the healthiest but it beats Mcdonald's food anyday. I respect your job though, but I wouldn't spend my money there.

  4. Well, that is just wonderful, the fact that you make your own food. But, you clearly don't understand "fine-dining" even though I hate that term. The only analogy I can give you is that – whenever people work a lot with something, any job, hobby or business and get really skilled at it, they tend to know a lot about it and want the best tools, material etc. Chefs like me have a very "skilled" pallet and admire beautiful presentations on the plate. It is an experience and not at all extreme price

  5. British and food? That's like americans and cars. There is no history, no culture.

    How can I take this ranking seriously….

    I'm not With 2 Michelin stars this restaurant might even be worth a trip. Although Michelin is more about business and reputation today than the cooking itself.

  6. Ofcource Food will be amazing bz the people who are working so hard and doing lot of research and blending the taste perfectly .. This is wat it restaurant should be .. Bz if u want same food like at home so why do people go out .. To get desire experience which u can't get at home

  7. Just a little info for you guys. You don't go there to eat one dish. You get around 15 different dishes, and that's without appetizers. Also, you go there for the experience of taste. Just so you know..

  8. ….you ARE joking right? Gordon Ramsay is a TV chef…the stuff he prepares on TV is ok…but the real deal is what you taste. And I reckon Gordon Ramsay's stuff is ok, but these gys are in another league..

  9. You must be joking Redzepi is in a different league, Gordon Ramsey is a good chef of course but nowhere near the dizzy heights of say Redzepi, Ferran Adrià and Heston blumenthal !!

  10. I just love the fact that people who has no passion for food (or the general American) comment on these videos like idiots. Just go and enjoy your big mac with fries

  11. @SpringrollSpecial
    No dude. The fact that Denmark is beginning to look more like albania won. Anyone who is living in Denmark and is cheered with the fact that “best restaurant” is being led by stinky albanian bastard “kitchen chief”, is stupid as hell. Don’t you realize that they are spreading themselves like plague, all over the Europe. Do you really believe that dirty albanian should represent traditional Danish cousin?! You must be working for immigration department.

  12. @bucketpoo these guys are usally failed chefs and restauirant owners who gave up then came up wth the idea of lets make something totally rediculous then call it food and to make the scam better make people pay very high prices….it worked…..me i eat out at my local fat eddie triple decker burgers with fries and soda

  13. @FedReserv i am more of anything than you will ever be you non-patriototic monkey what you do under ww2 you helped us right but we helped 7200 jews escape to neutral sweden. we created LEGO, we are on the top 3 of less corrupt contries on earth, we are knownv for H.C.Andersen, we are the happiest country on Earth and so on p.s no one cares about your life fatherfucker

  14. @FedReserv if that "albanian" chief is born in denmark then he is danish no matter what you say and if resturant NOMA suck how can it be that it has been chosen twice as the worlds best resturant twice your just jealous because Denmark is much smaller than America and still are better on more than one place than USA and i can more danish than you would ever know even if you lived for ever. But i think you should go out and fuck your father he needs you dick

  15. @SimplePlan206
    Go fuck yourself, you miserable silky-moustache twat.
    I’ve traveled more than you will travel in three miserable lives of yours, and dirty albanian “chief” has nothing to do with Danish cousin.
    You’re talking like your mouths are full of socks, you’re immature, ugly and tarded. albanians sucks and this restaurant stinks as well.

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