Michelle Makes Fool Of Herself At Boozy Lunch Without Barack When SHOCKED People See What She Did


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Despite not being the First Lady any longer, Michelle Obama seems to still wants to live like one, but now has the added benefit of not trying to keep up political appearances and also the advantage of a fully paid security team at all times. She hasn’t stopped rubbing elbows with Hollywood elites, as was evident at brunch this week along with something else shocked people saw.

The former First Lady was known for hosting lavish White House parties and putting rappers and their wives on the guest list, who she was seemingly desperate to be friends with. This socialite mentality appears to have stepped up a notch now that she’s not under citizen’s constant watch — or so she thought before what was just caught at her boozy brunch that has made many people irate.
Page Six reports that Michelle met up with Hollywood heavyweights, actress Sarah Jessica Parker, reporter Robin Roberts, and Oprah Winfrey’s best friend, Gayle King at the swanky Breslin restaurant in New York City for brunch. The women were reportedly surrounded by a tight wall of Secret Service for their entire meal, which included champagne and bloody marys.

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44 thoughts on “Michelle Makes Fool Of Herself At Boozy Lunch Without Barack When SHOCKED People See What She Did”

  1. The one thing they talk about constantly is the fact that they are black. EVERYBODY knows that barack and Michelle Obama are black, so let's move on with the fact that Barack and his lovely bride are liars, they have both lost their law licenses,(why) they have stolen, embezzled, would do anything for money and power. Their whole life is one fake story after the other, she is tranny, Barack is ho.o, daughters are borrowed, Malia spent a year working for a pervert and yet Michelle praises the man she worked for, they will do anything g for money. They have this country in complete turmoil because of their lies. As long g as they were getting paid they didn't care what they did. If you didn't like the country why would you want to be the presidents wife (?) .why didn't you both leave? You still have a few misguided people whose lives are so messed up that think that Michelle and Barack Obama are wonderful people. THEY ARE NOT!!!? They took over the country for eight of the longest years in history and did everything they could to destroy it. And Barack has the audacity to think k the American people want him back as president? We the American Patriots don't even want either one of you in this country anymore. You two played us for eight years. Guess what? Game over! Everything the two of you touch goes bad, goes wrong, fails. It's not your race Michelle. You consistently say people don't like you because if the color of your skin. Face it, it's not your skin color, it's you and your attitude, and the fact that you were given the biggest honor this country could have bestowed on a couple and you did everything you could to destroy us. You still have that attitude. We the American people know what hope is Michelle, and now we gave it once again now that the two of you are no.longer the leaders of this country. You both have failed miserably. You and your husband will forever be jealous if the Trumps because you don't have their intelligence, the class, or the love they have for this country. So Mrs. Obama, Conti ue on with your conversations about race because that seems to be all you have left. You and your husband need to find a chair somewhere and sit down, shut up, and take notes from the Trump's. You will learn something!!!!

  2. The Secret Service protection for the Obamas should be lessened to ONLY TWO BODYGUARDS. DO NOT WASTE MORE TAXPAYERS MONEY ON THEM ! Do YOU think they apprasitiade it? Big NO NO for ISLAMIST ! They ONLY MAKE FUN of YOU. ASK any IMAN. To ISLAMIST you're always the ENEMIES WAITING TO BE KILLED !

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  6. Breaking News- Every video you post… reminds me of when I was a kid listening to my Mom and other women talk as they sat around the kitchen table. To sum up what I'd like to communicate to you… all this focus on negativity, running people down… is a really bad habit and does no good in our lives. Can you please focus more on what IS good about people and life??

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  9. That is nothing new. She and BO are past masters of making themselves out to be fools, and the truth is that they don't have to work hard, either, as they are natural fools to begin with.

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