Action Bronson Drinks France’s Top Natural Wine – From Paris with Love


Two years ago, Action Bronson was approached backstage at his Paris concert by a fan who just happened to be Clovis Ochin, the top natural wine distributor in Paris. Although Bronson has been back to Paris several times since their first encounter those two nights in September, this was the first time that cameras were present to capture the magic.

In the first installment of From Paris with Love, Action and Clovis visit YARD, La Buvette, and Le Servan to sample all of the latest gastronomic offerings from these wonderful restaurants—and, of course, drink lots of natural wine.


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32 thoughts on “Action Bronson Drinks France’s Top Natural Wine – From Paris with Love”

  1. now respect to this show , the other guy know his game with wine .
    I did not like this Bronson Guy at 1st but it's pretty cool to count the times he say "shit" when trying foods , also he mange to handle a complet review ..BTW Please mr Bronson don't put the pinky up when raising your glass LOL
    Bonne Appétit et Santé 😉 !

  2. A complete disgrace to walk in someone's kitchen high and drunk and start touching the knives and pretending to create a recipe. Having that douche (Clovis)  calling a wine maker a "little Bitch addicted to hookers and cocaine" is rich given that this guy is high during the whole show. Seriously this is such a bad doc for both parties.

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