Kafal Nepalese & Indian Restaurant, Santa Rosa, CA…Friday Night Restaurant Reviews


Tonight we ventured to the Himalayas to treat our taste buds to a little heat with some Nepalese and Indian cuisine. We started with a Taj Majal beer which was pricey at $7.50, until you consider it was imported and a two glass beer. Very good lager flavor. We also sampled the plain Naan bread, which was excellent. For our entrees, Missy Jenn chose the coconut curry chicken. I had the chicken choila, which I ordered spicy. Boy did they deliver on that score! White rice was also offered as a side accompaniment.

Jenn rated the experience an 8.5 stars. I rated it 9 stars. We would both definitely return. Of note, too, the waitress was excellent.

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  2. any places near you to eat a good schnitzel? it's almost Oktoberfest Missy Jenn !! I'd love to see if German food in your area measures up to what you grew up with. We have the second largest Oktoberfest in the world in our area….second only to Munich ! great, now I'm craving schnitzel…lol

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