BEST CRISPY Chinese Scallion Pancake Recipe!!!


Here’s one of my signature dishes, scallion pancakes! I made it before on my other channel but that was so long ago, and the quality wasn’t as good. So now please enjoy my new and improved video recipe!

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◆ Scallion pancake

1 cup flour (and more flour for kneading)
½ cup hot water

One pancake:
3 tsp oil
less than ½ tsp salt, adjust to your taste
1 stalk scallion, minced

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21 thoughts on “BEST CRISPY Chinese Scallion Pancake Recipe!!!”

  1. Thanks, Mike! Your first scallion pancake recipe video was the first video of yours that I ever watched. I made that recipe and have been watching your videos ever since.

  2. Hey mike I've tried the recipe. However it didn't work well for me. I followed your recipe of 2 cup flour to 1 cup of water. It turns out so sticky till something like a batter. Please advice. Thanks mike!

  3. How does it work ? Trying to make this (i come from a country with metric system) and the ratio in grams is almost 1:1.
    1 cup flour = 120g
    1/2 water = 118ml or 118g
    the dough does not become solid at all…

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