ICHIRAN Perfect Ramen Noodles in Japan


Customize the perfect bowl of ramen at this popular Ramen Noodle restaurant in Tokyo. Subscribe! http://goo.gl/18SB8p

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33 thoughts on “ICHIRAN Perfect Ramen Noodles in Japan”

  1. One of my good friends is from Vietnam and he always introduces me to Asian foods that i would probably never try myself. Lately we've been eating ramen noodles. I gotta say its amazing!!

  2. That's so crazy because I went there when I was in Shibuya in an act of random choosing (seriously, I literally just stumbled upon the place when my friends and I were super hungry) last month and had no idea that it was actually a popular ramen joint! The ramen was great too!

  3. This is my favorite ramen to eat whenever I went outside alone or with my brother (we can't speak japanese lol), because it's so easy, has english menu, and taste good. I really miss japan and its food :"( good video btw

  4. Sorry to be a downer, but most random Ramen place in Tokyo has better ramen than Ichiran, not to mention they about half the price and generally comes with a soft broil egg.
    Only redeeming factor is the options, curtain, and the noodle itself is really good. (noodle in other ramen place can be hit and miss)

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