Most POWERFUL & DANGEROUS Fighter Jets In The World


Today you will decide what’s best, in this episode of the Infographics Show, The World’s Most Powerful Fighter Jets. ⭐ SUBSCRIBE: ⭐

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46 thoughts on “Most POWERFUL & DANGEROUS Fighter Jets In The World”

  1. Omy god egypt is 10th world in global fire power website has 100 meg35 from russia and huge number of rafal its total air craft 1300 air 6th craft and has 2 air craft carrier and more 15000 thousands modern armored fighting vehicles 3th in world and has more than 7000 modern tanks 7th in world and air defence of egypt is 6th world s300 patriot and s 400 and navy of egypt is 6th world 10 modern submarine 4 type and 3 romeo from russia and 3 most modern submarine and 11 modern frigates and 2 air craft carrier egypt is 10th world and isreal 16th egypt egypt has huge number of mlrs more than 3000 egypt has 777 mlrs and mosqet fuck egypt from most army number in weapons italy is 11th there was a comptetion in air defence between powerful 10 countries in world egypt get rank 3 and russia rank 1 and America rank 4 egypt destroy large numbers of targets and did great job in comptetion and maneuver go to global fire power website of united nations you will se the ranks and weapons of all country egypt is 5th biggest army in world population of egypt 103 million

  2. actually the f22 is far superior because of its stealth capabilities which means you cannot detect it on radar which gives the typhoon an incredible disadvantage,if you cant see it you cant shoot it

  3. Even if at long range distance, it probably be defeated by Us aircrafts, Rafale diid a draw against F-22 and just won everything against Eurofighter at, short medium and long range distance during an exercice.

    F-35 will be used in 2025, not before …

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