DJ Khaled’s Finga Licking Is the Best New Restaurant in America


The We the Best boss takes us behind the scenes at his newest Miami eatery to prove once again that all he does is win—even in the food game.

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DJ Khaled’s Finga Licking Is the Best New Restaurant in America from Complex

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28 thoughts on “DJ Khaled’s Finga Licking Is the Best New Restaurant in America”

  1. When DJ Khaled goes to restaurants and orders double portions of "healthy food" the waitress asks"do you need any sauces or anything for the side"
    Khaled be like"congratulations to be in my presents, no hot sauce, I take Ls on Cholula lmao Hot Ones Khaled went straight bitch on that one

  2. When I am at his restaurant. I am going to walk up to the person placing an order for just a sandwich…. and tell him congratulations you just played yourself… The meal would have been cheaper.

  3. I feel like this dude does nothing but hype shit up, like he's just a hype person his whole life is basically hype. all the way turnt. there's nothing to show for it…I doesn't even know how to DJ properly

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