Going to Boston? Don’t miss these spots!
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23 thoughts on “3 REALLY COOL THINGS TO DO IN BOSTON (Honest Guide)”

  1. can you make a video about the jewish cementary's in prague please! or something to do with the witner weather. Visiting in a few days! thank u love the video btw!! so good and helpful 🙂 have a good day.

  2. All the museums especially Museum of Fine Arts.
    If you're a first timer then you should check out the New England Aquarium. It's not a big place but the big center aquarium is really nice to view at.
    The whole city is filled with great restaurants. A great pizza place would be Regina Pizzeria. The original pizzeria is located in the North End. While in the North End you HAVE to go to Mike's Pastry. There's always a line there (even goes outside) but definitely worth a try. But any place in the North End has great food, more on the Italian side. And while you're there visit Old North Church with the statue of Paul Revere riding his horse just behind it.
    Boston is filled with history so to make the most of it. Anyone should follow the Freedom Trail; a trail that brings people to places in the city greatly impacted by the American Revolutionary War.
    I would also advise to walk around the city, there are seriously a lot of places to just walk around including the Boston Common, Harvard Square, Boston Waterfront, Newbury Street, Along the Charles River. Almost anywhere in the city is great to walk! Looking for a place to go shopping? Newbury Street is definitely a place to walk through.
    You want to eat at one of the best Seafood restaurants in the city? Why not grab a bite at the Barking Crab!
    Or maybe you want to eat somewhere while looking over the city right? Then have lunch or dinner at Top of the Hub at the Prudential Center!
    Honestly there is so much you can do in my hometown. If you'd like you can take a tour of the freedom trail with the tour guides dressed from people growing up from the time of the war. You can walk almost anywhere when you are in the heart of the city. As a Bostonian myself I still discover new places!

  3. You should have done the liberty trail in Boston and visited Lexington and Concord. Also one of the old taverns in the US is there called Bell in Hand Tavern, and it’s right next to Paul Revere’s house too

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