NYC Macy’s Day Parade + Get your Dang Dream! | Alison J Prince 0-1-00K


Our trip to NYC and Going after your dang dreams! Whether it’s to own your own business, visit NYC, or play in the parade.
Over three hundred (322) High School Kids + their band directors made this happen. They lived their BecauseICan Clan Dream! It’s time for you too!

+ Check out the warmest spot to stand on the parade route
+ The best Pizza ever
+ The best ‘NON’ Salesman Ever! Peter @ John Fluevog

Walked in to get directions to a hot chocolate restaurant and walked out with a pair of boots! Meet the needs of people first before you talk about your products. He’s a must meet if you are in Brooklyn!

Visit New York for Thanksgiving and put the Macy’s day parade on your bucket list!

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1 thought on “NYC Macy’s Day Parade + Get your Dang Dream! | Alison J Prince 0-1-00K”

  1. I love this video. My mom and I took our dream trip to NYC in August this year, toured Uptown, Downtown, Brooklyn, Statue of Liberty, Top of the Rock, and best of all, Wicked on Broadway and stayed in Times Square at Crowne Plaza. I want to go back so bad with my twin girls someday soon. They will be 13 in Feb. Also, my hometown High School Band also played in the parade this year from Rosemount, MN! Very proud moment to see my High School and to have supported their fundraising efforts for the past 2 years to make their dreams possible. Congrats to your daughter for being able to participate in something so epic!!!

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