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Get Up and Ride bike tours prides itself in showcasing Brooklyn’s most charming and unique sites. On many of our bike tours we make a stop at Frank Pinello’s Best Pizza which is arguably the most delicious Neapolitan style brick oven pizzeria in all of New York City. Check out the video and see why we think the name really lives up to the hype! To ride with us, check out

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28 thoughts on “The Best Pizza in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC – Get Up and Ride Bike Tours”

  1. it was a joke you truly don't think they had the whole show setup with Frank being there definitely to meet him btw that's one of the best Pizza places in the 5 boroughs!! props to you best Pizza

  2. I went to Best Pizza in Brooklyn and the pizza is good. I like the fact there light on the cheese. To many pizza places put on to much cheese. Best Pizza does a really good ratio of tomato sauce to cheese. The only thing i would tell Best Pizza is, they need a thicker dough. I like a thicker dough then the thin crust dough they use. There pizza is alot like Patsy's pizza in NYC.

  3. When I used to go to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York drug dealers and hookers asked me if I wanted cocaine. They told me they know Donald Trump and wanted me to be a drug dealer for Trump. The people in Williamsburg said Trump has connections with presidents and was a excellent con artist. I ignored them and ate my burger at a restaurant where I was sitting.

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