38 thoughts on “Michelin Stars The Madness of Perfection”

  1. 1. This is the point where dining industry turns to "entertainment" one. People quality of life does not necessarily increase by taking/enjoying so called "great entertainment"'–> great music, sports, expensive food etc.
    2. As long as there is positive correlation between having Michelin star with one restaurant sales number, the owner and shareholder will push the chefs to get them stars…

  2. Everybody aspires toward french cuisine. Meanwhile 60-80 percent of the French walk around with worms and disease in their gut from their food. Slowly driving them to madness (perhaps an improvement).

  3. If you stop and think about where the Michelin guide originates from and how it was created it makes perfect sense that French cuisine is more highly appreciated by not only the inspectors but the institution. Things in life are only worth the value that we put on them as a society. Money for example a twenty pound note is not worth twenty pounds physically it is just the value we put on it. Maybe an Italian style chef yearning for stars is barking up the wrong tree and should find an alternative means of measuring his quality.

  4. It’s shocking that Marcus hasn’t had his third star. He deserves it. So many of the very top rated restaurants in the world each year are two star as it takes Michelin so long to award a third star. By the time that happens often the restaurant is no longer at the very top of its game.

  5. Why have such an ignorant, uncultivated, ignorant man discuss fine cuisine?!
    As cultivated as all of you idiots below within this comments section..
    He had no respect saying "they are just making lunch.."
    Fine cuisine, a chef, is a fine art and a fine artist .. the pursuit of perfection in all fine arts can be a killer.

  6. Yeah, excellent piece of journalism, as we've come to expect from the beeb. Gotta love Monsieur Blanc and Chef Marcus Waring, and at the end of the day, it's the paying customer who is the only judge.

  7. I might be a little late to this argument. And… I have zero experience as a chef. I like to cook for friends and family, but besides that, I Have no skills. I HATE, big companies, governments and the like. Challenging the status quo is something I really love and approve of. BUT! This video was clearly a smear campaign. Whoever was responsible for this video already had a clear image of how they wanted to portray the Michelin Star brand. And, again, I DO NOT GIVE A SHIT! How anyone portrays this brand. But, I also hate someone trying to smear someone outright. Let the facts speak for themselves. If you have to struggle, (and there was an epic struggle here) to paint a particular picture…. Then you dont have enough evidence.

    Want to challenge the top dog? Good on you! Go for it and expose corruption. But…. do it with honor. Not, with trickery.

  8. hello,
    FUCK OFF!!!
    thanks, ETN…

  9. hello, to all you fuckers and non-fuckers who think I am wrong… FUCKING TASTE MY COOKING… do you fucking want me to be a scientist to learn about cooking?!. what the fuck is a cook without a chef & a dishwasher? DO I FUCKING NEED TO WASH YOUR DISHES??! are you fucking allergic to nuts?
    thanks, ETN…

    this is about money…
    do you see the portion they are serving?
    how much profits do Michelin make & how much goes to the chefs?
    you are paying for a name of Michelin not for the personality that cooks your food.
    if you are paying the chefs with love, stop taking advantage of their minds & heads.
    please do not abuse love with your money hungry ideas.
    eat your fucking Michelin tires and ask the chef to watch you eat rubber.

    I believe I would call this scenerio: "Brainwashing the Iron Chefs by Michelin"
    thanks, ETN…

  11. Yeah, the gist of all this hubbub is that a Michelin Star chef has the leisure to get the best of the best of the ingredients to make something great, but lack people to experience everything, white normal run of the much chefs have the disadvantage of getting poor ingredients to try to scrounge something great, but do not lack the people to experience what they produce :))……..So silly

  12. Well done Jimmy for not throwing that 'Sh** in the bin'.What a horrible attitude to food whilst homeless people sleep outside.Thats a dissapointing attitude to say if it doesnt look right it belongs in the bin is terrible

  13. This guy is an absolute fucking tosser. He tries to reduce their profession to "cooking lunch" (it was dinner service) and asks the (very dumb) question, "So why DO these chefs care so much about stars?" 13 minutes into the video. Truly asked like a person who has never strived to be great at something, another sarcastic wanker who reduces the achievements of others because he is too afraid to try himself.

  14. During my college years, I got a summer job at a restaurant and was shocked at how serious the people who worked there were about their job. The whole military-like attitude, saying things like "Yes, Chef", "Aye Aye Chef, all the yelling, the stress, was just ridiculous. For God's sake all you do is cook food, you are no better than a lunch lady… Not to mention the pay is shitty af, even the Chef was making something like 15-17 bucks per hour. It's funny how people with the dumbbest jobs sometimes tend to make their job seem as if the fate of the world rests on them. Yet I can't deny that it makes for a good reality TV, it's just dumb as fuck

  15. Has the presenter never heard of people wanting to work to the very highest possible standards in their chosen field or passion simply because they want to do the absolute best that they can? It's not a new concept. He has the intelligence of a door mouse.

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