Eating American BBQ with North Koreans feat. Asian Boss | World peace through BBQ


We also wanted to have them try the best sauces from the most respected regions in the US, so we reached out to LawLers Barbecue (Alabama), 12 Bones (North Carolina), Gates Bar-B-Q (Kansas City) and Rudy’s Bar-B-Q (Texas) who agreed to come on board for this project.
(We tried reaching out to several places in Memphis but none were interested unfortunately. Sorry Memphis, we tried our best)

First, we wanna say this project wouldn’t have been possible without 12 Bones, LawLers, Rudy’s and Gates. These are already successful and respected businesses who could have told us they weren’t interested, but they loved the idea of this project and having their local region represented. It was also awesome for us to be able to try all the different styles of sauces. Please show them your support and if you stop by one of their stores, tell them you saw our video:
-12 Bones (Blueberry chipotle sauce was Good Morning America’s sauce of the year):
-LawLers (Red sauce was Northern Alabama sauce of the year):
-Rudys (A sauce even Texans like) –
-Gates (classic, original, extra hot, sweet & mild):

If you’re in South Korea, check out Sweet Oak. Hands down the best bbq:

If you want to help North Korean refugees in South Korea, please check out:

TNKR (Teach North Korean Refugees) – Helps NK refugees get a private education (which is often necessary for good jobs and also not cheap). Please visit:

The cover photo is a parody of North Korean propaganda and instead incorporates American bbq elements. We finally launched our online store and you can support us by buying products including posters, mugs, T-shirts etc.*

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Check out our friends at Asian Boss:

Get to know some of the North Korean defectors before this video comes out:
[What North Korean Defectors Think Of North Korea]

Songs in the order that they appear:

*Intro song: Insightful feat. Summertime Stories – Fake face –
(Used with permission)

*KickAudioDesign – Blues
*Soundtrove – Road House Blues
*Volochkov Production Music – Evening Blues
*Andy Warner – Blues
*Kool Kats – Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
*[Outro song: Khursey – Timelapse] –

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42 thoughts on “Eating American BBQ with North Koreans feat. Asian Boss | World peace through BBQ”

  1. Maybe south koreans dont like the north koreans.. I dont know.. But for sure Americans have Zero animosity for the average North Korean. If anything we feel awful for them. Ive watched a bunch of docs and stuff like this about NK defectors/ escapees and they all seem like wonderful people, between korean culture and living a harsh life you get some very nice humble people ( unfortunate about the harshness). I am also oblidged to point out like Im sure many people have that the young women is a cutey. Whats really amazing is all these people seem pretty well fucking adjusted and have adapted quite well. I think I would be full on mental living the life they describe. There is plenty of poor places and deprivation but add in the mind games it seems beyond tolerable. All these people are cheerful, makes you feel like a dick as an american for complaining about ANYTHING. Definitely a lesson here. I do wonder if there arent people that make it out that arent basket cases from experiences they had. Charming people.

  2. I'm vegan but it's still heartwarming to see such appreciation for food. Really shows how others can be so wasteful and disrespectful towards their gifts they where given in life. A shame really.

  3. This video was beautiful. Literally brought tears to my eyes. How evil governments can make good people suffer so and to see the reactions of those who escaped enjoying things that westerners take for granted.

  4. Rachel is a great girl. She should be on TV and Movies. I'm not sure what a Korean man finds attractive, but I know what Canadian guys think. She's pleasant and funny. Considering what she's been through, she's got a great attitude.

  5. I take my BBQ places in my town for granted, I would be sad it I couldn’t get my hands on Baked Macaroni, Pulled Pork, and Uncle Elders Sweet BBQ sauce as well as Potato Salad. I would be remiss if I didn’t have this.
    Also you didn’t need to translate, “ OH MY GOD” I heard that pretty clear.

  6. I love videos of people of different cultures and countries trying out foods from different cultures and countries, gives you a new perspective.

    EDIT: Looking into the camera and saying "Everything's bigger in Texas" is a nice touch.

  7. I swear there is a survival of the fittest phenomenon in North Korea as everyone is very attractive? Korean eugenics? If we can turn Kim around, there could be some serious talent in North Korea that has not been tapped…

  8. Uh, there's plenty of dog farms in South Korea, too, and it's not a food to eat if you can't afford or find anything else; it's more of a specialty meat. When I ordered dog meat soup, I payed more than double what I did for beef. I thought it was a little bit on the fatty side, but overall, it's pretty good. To my fellow Americans, don't judge Koreans for eating dog; it's no worse than eating pork, especially considering that some Americans keep pot-bellied pigs as pets.

    Also 'Mix it like gochujang'? I would never be able to bring myself to do that. This American is sticking to gochujang for mixing with rice. And unless soy is involved (soy does horrible things to my digestive system), I have a strict 'no food left behind' policy. (Yes, I know there's soy in gochujang, but the Korean way of processing it by fermentation seems to destroy the soy protein that causes problems for me.)

  9. I love Koreans. <3
    The ones who don't hate me, at least. Lol.
    Well, I've never been taught to cut my roll in half and put the BBQ like a sandwich. I guess I've lived a sheltered life. XD

  10. No1 likes Obama, he's irrelevant. These Koreans shouldn't be called refugees, they're Koreans still, it's like calling someone from Hawaii entering California being called a refugee

  11. I'm from Alabama, and it was a delight to see these folks enjoy American Barbecue! We have a big Korean population where I live, and I always enjoy the unique sorts of cultural exchanges that take place.

    For me though. I love the white sauce with pulled pork sandwiches. 😉

    Also, Lawlers is good, but it's a shame you didn't get Big Bob Gibson's sauce. I've got to give Big Bob the edge.

  12. Sad to hear how their life was before they escaped. If they had no food or animals to give to the armies they had to give money. Scared to think what happened if they had no money to give

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