World’s Cheapest Michelin Starred Restaurant in NYC- Tim Ho Wan


Tim Ho Wan one of the cheapest Michelin starred restaurants in the world, just opened its first location in New York City. A few friends and I come bright and early to check out this famous dim sum chain out of Hong Kong. Find out why it earned its reputation as the best cheap Michelin starred rated restaurant in the world! Tons of great dim sum moments await.

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CAMERA: Canon G7X Mark II

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27 thoughts on “World’s Cheapest Michelin Starred Restaurant in NYC- Tim Ho Wan”

  1. Not worth lining up and prices are higher than in Vancouver BC. The portions look small.I would prefer to go to Flushing Queens to get more variety of Chinese food.

  2. We ate at Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong and it was fantastic. And no line, so that was nice. We've been waiting for months for this to open here in the City, and now it opens and we're adventuring in Alaska! Thanks for sharing your experience. We'll definitely check it out when we get back to the City. -Brian

  3. Good video! Place looks really nice. I've never tried dim sum before, but my wife (which just watched your video with me) loves dim sum. Says it looks good and that she is going to subscribe to your channel! See what a little bit of dim sum does? LOL Keep the videos coming my friend!

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