Inside NYC’s Best Steakhouses – NYC Dining Spotlight, Episode 10


What sets New York’s iconic steakhouses apart from any other in the country? Zagat Editor Billy Lyons heads to some of the city’s most respected dining institutions to investigate. For more food videos, subscribe to Zagat on YouTube:

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46 thoughts on “Inside NYC’s Best Steakhouses – NYC Dining Spotlight, Episode 10”

  1. Maybe because during the Industrial era of the 20s people relieved their worries with alcohol and ate steak because it kept them full for 8 hours. Steak back then were not heavy marbled like today.

  2. Why is the director of operations at Peter Luger no long a member of the family? Two years ago, one of the granddaughters was the director of operations. Has ownership of Peter Luger changed?

  3. As he jams a giant piece of beef in his mouth. I know people rip on Nick Solares from Eater but at least he has knowledge and doesn't hold up dripping pieces of beef in front of the camera or jam big pieces of steak that should be cut, in his mouth

  4. Peter Luger is amazing—one of the better meals of my life. Steak literally melted in my mouth and the creamed spinach was the best I ever had. Oh, the thick cut bacon was unreal. As far as I know it was cash only a couple yrs ago

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