Anthony Bourdain on what you should eat in New York City


When visiting New York City, you can just eat at the same chain restaurants that you have in your hometown, but there are some truly authentic New York food experiences you really should try. Chef and “Appetites” author Anthony Bourdain gives his unique take on what you should eat and do when you visit New York City.

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23 thoughts on “Anthony Bourdain on what you should eat in New York City”

  1. Well, I know one thing… I am not going to Chicago, or anywhere, for no damn hotdog. If you can't prepare yourself a tremendous hotdog in your own house, you should consider yourself retarded. By the way, Bourdain looks like a hotdog.

  2. There are PLENTY of great inexpensive hot dogs in New York…Nathens, Papaya King and so much more. Those dirty water dogs are utterly tasteless, the buns are stale, and they are usually overpriced.

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