New York City’s Best Rooftops


For visitors to the Big Apple, the constant activity and pulse of the city is both exhilarating and exhausting. It’s one of the most thriving and dynamic cities in the world, making rooftops the ideal place to escape its craziness. Television personality Reuben Mourad takes us on an exploration of NYC, climbing the stairs up to some of the best and more unique rooftop spaces in the city – some that you may not even know existed, and all of which offer visitors a new perspective on New York City.

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14 thoughts on “New York City’s Best Rooftops”

  1. I went to the 230 rooftop bar and it is amazing. The crowd is a nice, a lot of business people and some tourists there. Excellent view of the Empire State building and the lobby is nice too. The bartenders are rude and the drinks are awful, stick to beers. A mojito could cost you like $13 and a Corona is $7 before tipping of course. Don't waste your time tipping since the bartenders specially the blond girl are rude and even when you tip their attitude change. My friend who lives 2 blocks from there on 28th Street told me the best thing to do is not to tip and after a while they start treating you better. Reverse psychology with them.

  2. 4:08 230 FIFTH

    When I'd be out cruising NYC on a Saturday night, I always saw people standing on line at this entrance (230 FIFTH). I always wondered what the hell people were on line for….now I see. 

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