New York City Chinatown Tour Part 2! Manhattan Chinatown


Here is my tour of Manhattan Chinatown in New York City! Check out all the places I love to visit and eat at.

Food places listed in the video:
Vanessa’s Dumpling
Hou Yi Hot Pot
Ferrara Bakery
Jin Feng
Wah Fung No 1 Fast Food:

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
Ling Kee Beef Jerkey
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40 thoughts on “New York City Chinatown Tour Part 2! Manhattan Chinatown”

  1. Jing Fong/Golden Unicorn are sooooo mediocre, it's a tourist trap for sure. I don't understand why people crap on Nom Wah. It's made fresh to order and is delicious. I'm in 8 mins in and the only thing Mike has liked is the Ice Cream Factory. LOL. I think Xi'an is also really yummy and I really support the owner's vision for fair compensation and benefits for his employees. Something that is really missing in the American food industry.

  2. I grew up in manhattan chinatown, and I agree, it isn't what it used to be. I was anticipating this shop called May wah fast food the whole video, and I was so disappointed it wasn't in here! Have you had it before? They serve chicken leg over rice (with meat sauce) for like $5! Its on Hester street. Check it out if you havent~~

  3. Disappointed by this video! You didn’t highlight all the legit non tourist places there. Is it because you are more into queens? You talk about lobster tail and your Dad’s store. LOL

  4. When I left a low tip in a Chinese restaurant their waitress starts acting like an animal and throw the tip money out the door, as was done in NYC and in Boston. But when I leave low tips in a Vietnamese restaurant, the waiter would never say anything, even if I ate there 1000x . The Vietnamese are polite and less money conscious.

  5. What about Wo Hop? Dumplings and salt pepper shrimp! Xian is garbage. The Pho spot is great and cheap too. Same w the ban mi spot on Grand St. You need to try the pork chop w rice at May Wah on Hester btwn mulberry and Baxter. Sauce is crack

  6. My brother had a wedding just like Mike had describe. It was not something he wanted, my dad arranged it. I am not kidding when I said that as a bridesmaid, I was traumatized and horrified by the experience. It was just a complete show for the guests. The Bride and groom were exhausted by the end of day.

  7. Your channel is great. Other famous food travelers on youtube don't have honest reviews and smile and pretend to like everything or else they wouldn't be able to travel. you tell the truth.

  8. You are mostly right about every place. I only eat at selective places. 66 Mott st Amazing 66, 98 Mott st Joy Luck Palace, across the st Royal Seafood has the best seafood around and you missed the gem of chinatown Kam Hing Bakery @ 118 Baxter st. Been around for ages. 50 plus years or more

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