Devour NYC – Episode 1: Top 5 Ramen


So glad to be back! Here is the very first episode of our 2nd web series Devour NYC. We decided to go about the organization of our topics a little differently. This time we decided to cover the top 5 best restaurants in various food categories. This daunting task required us to eat at a lot of restaurants in a period of just 9 days. To transition from Japan VS into Devour NYC we decided to start off with a ramen episode. Here we have the top 5 ramen restaurants in New York City.

Our method for determining this was to take as many “best of” lists and get and aggregate score of all of them to get the very best of the best.

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22 thoughts on “Devour NYC – Episode 1: Top 5 Ramen”

  1. If Ippudo ranks first (don't get me wrong, it's a good place in Japan, and the NYC store isn't bad at all), I think there is a long way to go for the NYC ramen market… Costa Mesa CA would give Ippudo a very hard challenge.

  2. This is pretty awesome, I just watched your tokyo vs series, and it's nice watching this now that I live here for College. I've been to Ippudo, Totto, and Ivan on my own time, and they all offer very different experiences. Is there another ramen shop you wish you could've gone to in your trip here?

  3. This was well put together! It was like if MTV did a food show with the documentary style commentary. Nice Job. Check out my first Youtube (food review) video if you have a moment! Have an awesome day!

    P.S. Reddit brought me here

  4. Audio is bad volume is going all over the place, woke up neighbours with the music and didn't hear anything of your voices. Other episodes were better quality.

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