A Cheap NYC Lunch, Hidden Inside A Midtown Freight Entrance


Acuario Cafe is a 25-year-old Dominican restaurant located in the freight entrance of a Garment District building in Midtown Manhattan, founded by Rodolfo Perez. More here: http://gothamist.com/2016/11/15/freight_restaurant_acuario_cafe.php

Video by Jessica Leibowitz
Produced by Jessica Leibowitz, Nell Casey and Gaby Del Valle

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41 thoughts on “A Cheap NYC Lunch, Hidden Inside A Midtown Freight Entrance”

  1. he should learn to speak proper English and pronounce his words correctly this is America and Trump is president come correct or don't come at all learn to speak American people

  2. the price is way reasonable for all classes of people. no wonder they all seems happy.
    Maybe he's not gonna make a million by ripping customers of but its a family and he looks damn happy

  3. lol u won't find an atheist doing this family community public service all these values are lost on them , maximize profits killed the community is their motto

  4. hispanic food is some of the worst  cuisine on the planet… and i'm half hispanic so don't hate just saying lol. i prefer arabic, italian, indian, asian… almost any other ethnic food than hispanic…. sloppy cooking and usually bland or low quality

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