New Jersey is the Diner Capital of the U.S. – NYC Dining Spotlight, Episode 8


In the state of New Jersey, diners are more than just a place to grab a breakfast sandwich or a late night cup of coffee. Often the center of the community, diners built in the 1920’s are still beloved by their guests despite modern restaurants filling up Main Street. Zagat editor Billy Lyons visited three diners in the Garden State to find out why this style of dining and cuisine continues to thrive – not to mention investigate a fun food debate.

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26 thoughts on “New Jersey is the Diner Capital of the U.S. – NYC Dining Spotlight, Episode 8”

  1. Pork roll looks like bologna to me. Is there any difference in taste? I had the pleasure of going to a Jersey Diner about 40 years ago. I never ate so much in my life. I loved the diner food.

  2. If your ever visiting North Central Florida, go to ''Aunt Fannie's '' in Ocala , Florida on Pine st. This place is better than ANY place in Jersey and a landmark legend. The double sized plates are filled end to end and everything is freshly made. When I leave NJ in the winter and drive in Ocala two days later , we stop there before going to our home. The Southern hospitality and the food makes you feel like a million dollars.

  3. I'm lucky. There are three NJ diners 10 minutes from my house. Hampton, Sparta, Andover. Long Island has a ton of diners too. Outside of that there are very few real diners…

  4. When One puts a thick slice or two of Country Ham on a Ground Beef Burger,…. then one can call it a '' HAMBURGER " !! Without the thick slice of Ham,… it's a BURGER !!!

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