32 thoughts on “Zagat Essentials: NYC’s Jewish Delis”

  1. There is such thing as "Jewish food" they ate what ever their host nation had available to eat, just because you rename the item it does not make it a Jewish food. Just more stolen stuff the Jews claim.

  2. I think I'll take away one sandwich, go to a bakery, buy another whole loaf, then come back home and throw an entire party with my friends with 4-5 sandwiches for that amount of meat @@. What is this thing with Americans and crazy amount of meat??? In Japan, sandwiches look like how sandwiches should look like, only 1-2 slices of ham or whatever kind of meat inside and I think that's about enough. If I want it more satisfying, sometimes I'll sneak in another slice but that's about it.

  3. Can I get a sandwich with 1/3 as much meat at 1/3 the price? If not, go fuck yourself. Only a Jew(selling it) would think $11 for a sandwich is legit.
    Who needs that much meat? It is obscene to the point you cannot even bite it.
    I need a loaf of bread and some other people to go with this sandwich.

  4. No wonder most Jews are fat and unhealthy! Look at the GARBAGE they eat! Anyone simple enough to pay the money they charge for this greasy shit DESERVES it! I went to "Hello Deli" once in NYC and I found all aspects of the little dive DISGUSTING. The smell, taste and outrageous prices of the food were only eclipsed by the unwarranted arrogance of the employees. The patrons are like heroin addicts, only the heroin has been replaced by meat. The difference is, heroin addicts will probably live longer, healthier lives than these bloated, pot-bellied swine!

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