What Eleven Madison Park’s 11-course tasting menu looks like


New York City is home to the three-Michelin-star establishment Eleven Madison Park, which was recently named the 2017 best restaurant in the world by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. From April 11, 2017 to June 9th, 2017, the restaurant is offering an 11-course retrospective tasting menu highlighting signature dishes from co-owner, Chef Daniel Humm.

Dishes include variations on sea urchin, foie gras, carrot tartare, chicken, chocolate, and milk and honey for dessert. The full 11-course meal is available for $295 a person, but a condensed 5-course meal is available for $145 in the bar section.


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45 thoughts on “What Eleven Madison Park’s 11-course tasting menu looks like”

  1. I find it a bit ironic that this food is catered to the highest echelons of society, completely unattainable to 99.9% of the world, yet there is no way such a meal would be even close to satiating.

  2. This looks awesome to me… especially the zucchini and squash flower course looked like a true pieceof art.
    But why does there always have to be a foie gras included? It's really not that great, mainly fat. (Although I once ate a decent one with onion jam and brioche)

  3. I, Like many here found the carrot course the odd one out. I can appreciate trying to create a sense of theater, I am just sure, 'the world's best carrot' delivered the expectation a customer would have.

  4. I'm gonna start calling Gerber baby food "tartare." Me: "Oh, what's your child eating? Mashed bananas? Only the best for my children! I serve them Pea Tartare dahrling!"

  5. This is what turns me off as a chef now I am fast losing interest in a passion I have had for most of my life but I'm sorry I cannot justify charging ppl this extortionate amount of money for FOOD.
    Let's get something clear you eat you shit it out end of story and credit to creation but in creation in food nowadays is simply going in a direction ppl simply are not interested in beyond looking and tasting good on a plate.

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