Best Thai Food In New York City

The Nuaa Thai Restaurant:
1122 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10065

1. Tom Yum: spicy and sour lemongrass soup
2. Tom Kha: coconut galangal soup
3. Chor Moung: purple blossom dumplings
4. Moo Krob: crispy skin braised pork
5. Ka Nom Jeeb: blue crab and shrimp dumpling
6. Khai Lok Khaey: son-in-law fried quail egg
7. Kha Moo Panang: panang curry braised pork shank
8. Pla Tod: crispy skin whole Branzino
9. Massaman Nuer: slow braised short rib massaman curry
10. Ka Nom Jeen: colossal crab curry noodle
11. Gai Yang: kaffir lime infused cornish game hen
12. Pad Thai Koong: pad thai jumbo tiger prawn
13. Mango coconut mousse
14. Basil Gelato

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24 New York City Restaurants in 24 Hours | Day of Gluttony Ep. 5

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Watch as Harry & Bruce plunder 10 cities in the #DayOfGluttony series. The most important rule? They’ve got to consume everything they order. No exceptions. Game on.

01. Cafe Grumpy —
02. Egg Restaurant—
03. Summers Juice & Coffee —
04. Pies ‘n’ Thighs —
05. Press Tea —
06. Billy’s Bakery —

07. Tavola —
08. Maysville —
09. Lallisse —
10. Penelope —
11. Sullivan St Bakery —
12. Tia Pol —
13. Jimmy’s No. 43 —
14. Comodo —
15. Sotto 13 —
16. Hanjan —

17. Desi Galli —
18. Sachi Asian Bistro —
19. 212 Steakhouse —
20. Xixa —
21. Fette Sau —
22. Lucky Luna —
23. Beloved —
24. Baby’s All Right —

Host: Harry Yuan (
Host: Bruce Aguirre
Executive Producer: Harry Yuan
Producer: Jennifer Yuan Martin
Producer: Melinda Lee
Concept By/Directed By: Harry Yuan
DOP: Carlo Silvio
2nd Camera: Blake Brown
Sound Tech: Chad Sonnenberg
Sound Tech: Ryan Derosa
PA: Endrick “Rico” Lekay
PA: Malcolm Harper
Editor: Justin Smith
Editor: Jacob Metiva

Guest Eaters:
Jeff Young
Kate Krader
Bryan Sherman
Kilolo Strobert
Howard Jang
Jamez T. Hall
Christine Konya
Francesca Nunez

Special Thanks:
-Kilolo Strobert
-Christine Konya
-Nourah Mazid
-Kate Krader
-Caroline Hatchett
-Christopher Taha

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#finedining #nyc #summer2015 #downtown #cipriani #customers #bestrestaurantsinNYC #excellentservice #warmambiance #deliciousfood

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#food is #serious #business #NYC #delicious #mediterranean #goodservice #bestrestaurantsinNYC #wheretoeat

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