$27 Cake Vs. $1,120 Cake

“It’s like the lucid dream of cakes.”

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Roy Nelson takes you on a tour of the best BBQ in Las Vegas

What’s the best BBQ spot in Las Vegas, Nevada? Locals know that’s an easy one: Rollin Smoke Barbeque. Let Bellator MMA heavyweight Roy “Big Country” Nelson show you why.

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Burnie Vlog: New Assistant and a Cheese Dinner | Rooster Teeth

With “outdoorsy” as his only instruction, Burnie designs a wooden desk for his assistant, Ellie. After Travis builds and installs his creation, Ellie and Max take it to the left level. Meanwhile in NY, Burnie, Gavin and Dan celebrate Slow Mo Guys. Join FIRST to watch episodes early: http://bit.ly/2uOx6JG

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About Burnie Vlog:
To celebrate the “Year of the Rooster,” Burnie decided to make a weekly vlog to show the inner workings of Rooster Teeth and experiences from his life as CCO! Travel with Burnie as he represents the company all over the world, catches up with old friends, and goes behind the scenes in all things Rooster Teeth.

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Burnie Vlog: New Assistant and a Cheese Dinner | Rooster Teeth

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New York’ta Nusret #saltbae Dükkanı Ziyaret Ettik, Önünde Yemek Yedik.

New Yorktayız ve Özgür İle Amerika ile gezmeye başlıyoruz. The Plaza otelinin önünde başladığımız gezimizde Hidayet, Haldun, Nezih, İbrahim ile gezimizi sizlere sunuyoruz.

Apple’ın New York’da yer altında bulunan Merkez Newyork dükkanı, moda dükkanlarını göreceksiniz. Ayrıca New York’un meşhur sokaklarında çıkan dumanları da göreceksiniz.

Yürüyüşümüzü trump tower ile devam ettireceğiz. Trump tower’ın New York dünyanın başkenti denilecek kadar gelişmiş ve yoğun bir şehirdir. #turmptower #newyork #USA

Nezih kardeşimiz Nusret’te işe başladı kendisini de tebrik ediyoruz. Türkiyenin gururu Nusret artık New York’ta. #saltbee #nusret

Nusret’in henüz açık olmamasında dolayı yine New York Nusret’in #saltbae restoranın önünde bulunan ve New York’ta bu yemeği yemeğinin olmadığı bizim dönerimize benzeyen Helal Guys’tan yemeklerinden yiyeceğiz. #helalguys

Sayın Cumhurbaşkanımız Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’ın New York’ta kalacağı oteli’de göreceğiz. Cumhurbaşkanımız ABD’de Türk evi açılışını yapacak. Konuşmaya çalıştığımız güvenlik görevlisi ne zaman geleceği konusunda bilgi vermedi malesef. #RTE #USA #AMERİKA

Amerika konusunda sormak istediğiniz ve öğrenmek istediklerinizi bize sorabilirsiniz. Türkiye’den ilk gelen için fazlasıyla şaşırtıcı mekanlar görebilirsiniz. Micheal Kors’un New York taki dükkanını göreceksiniz.

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BEST FOOD STREETS IN TOKYO (Tips on Yokochos and Restaurants)

Quick update as to what im up to in Japan and i also decided to a do a video on where to find the best street food and food streets in Tokyo!

Have you watched my Japan Travel guides?

FUKUOKA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCSKNFCcdsM&t=1400s&list=PLlaLRniCHL9S7Jva6MlVA8Y7u6lkr5AY9&index=3

OSAKA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aR149B_EAqk&t=866s&list=PLlaLRniCHL9S7Jva6MlVA8Y7u6lkr5AY9&index=4

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Dutilleul – Tranquil
DJ Krush – Probability

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Erwan Heussaff


What are you?

Im French Filipino, i work in the restaurant, bar and production industries. I create food and travel content.
I live in the Philippines.

What Camera do you use?
Usually a sony a7sii, dji osmo, gopro hero 4, 3dr solo drone.
I have 85mm, 20mm, 35mm, 50mm and 20-70mm lenses.

What editing software do you use?
When i edit, its usually with Premiere Pro

How old are you?
Going on 30……………

What did you study?
International Business in France

How did you get into youtube?

I’ve always loved making food videos and that’s how it started. Youtube starts off as a passion. Dont get into it if you are looking to make it your job. It doesn’t work that way 🙂

Why arent you on TV?

Because the internet is easier and its free for you guys hahaha! Also we are currently working on producing TV shows ourselves as well.

Who writes/produces the shows?
I do

Who shoots the actual shows we have on?
Seabiscuit films.

Who shots the vlog/travel diary style videos?
I do.

Peanut Butter or Nutella?
Peanut buttttttttttttter


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Filipino Recipes

Landscapes – Series about produce and farming

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The Sushi Chef: Oona Tempest and Toshio Oguma

Tanoshi Sushi NYC was born from a variety of happy accidents. King Ang, the owner, happened to come across an empty space on the Upper East Side that had no kitchen—which led him to make it a sushi bar. Toshio Oguma, the head sushi chef, was finishing up work in California when his wife found a Craigslist ad for an experienced sushi chef. Now, three years later, Tanoshi is creating some of most delicious sushi in New York City (and offering the most affordable omakase).

Toshio Oguma believes the most important part of making sushi is maintaining one’s ‘magokoro’ (true heart), which is clear in each piece of sushi he presents to his guests. This philosophy also extends to his teaching. Oguma-san will teach anybody with one condition: they have passion.Through the work of his most recent apprentice—Oona Tempest, who works behind the sushi bar—one can see that this is definitely the case. With a background in Japanese art, Oona is just one more example of a series of fortunate and random events that has led to the success of Tanoshi.

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Incredible Pizza, Espresso, Fall-Apart Tender Oxtail, and Vatican City Attractions – ROME, ITALY!

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Day 15: Rome, Italy – To start our day in Rome we first headed over to the Pantheon and had some amazing espresso. Then we visited the Pantheon, which is one of the most famous attractions in Rome. We had pizza for lunch and then walked over to the Vatican City. After doing some of top things to do in the Vatican City, we ate Roman Jewish food for dinner.

1:07 La Casa Del Caffè Tazza D’oro – There were two cafes I wanted to check out, so the first, located right next to the Pantheon was La Casa Del Caffè Tazza D’oro. The espresso was awesome. Price – .90 EUR per coffee ($1.00)

2:54 Pantheon – One of the most famous attractions in Rome is the Pantheon, and although I had seen it the day before, I didn’t have a chance to go in. So today we admired the amazing Pantheon.

4:23 Gelateria Della Palma – Right around the corner from the Pantheon is a gelato shop that has so many different flavors, it will drive you crazy trying to decide what to order. Since we arrived early, this gelato shop still wasn’t busy. Ying especially enjoyed the gelato. Gelato – 3.5 EUR ($3.92)

6:09 Sant’Eustachio Il Caffè – I’m pretty crazy for coffee, so we stopped into another famous coffee shop to have another cup of espresso. They make one of the creamiest espressos I’ve ever had, even though it doesn’t include milk. Coffee – 1.30 EUR ($1.45)

7:43 Antico Forno Roscioli – One of the most famous foods to eat in Rome is pizza, especially when you want a quick bite to eat. Roscioli as its known for short is a full bakery, and their pizza is amazing. I started with a tomato and cheese pizza, followed by some slices with other toppings. Total price – 9.94 EUR ($11.12)

12:32 Vatican City – The Vatican City, a city state within Rome and ruled by the Pope is a must visit when you’re in Rome. I bought tickets online and we first headed to the Vatican Museums, one of the world’s most famous art museums. Along with the Sistine Chapel, I especially enjoyed seeing the Raphael Rooms. Vatican Museums Online tickets – 20 EUR ($22.37) per person

17:01 St. Peter’s Basilica – After the Vatican Museums, we walked over to St. Peter’s Basilica, and after walking around for a while, I decided to climb to the top of St. Peter’s Basilica Dome, which was one of the highlights of visiting the Vatican City for me – 6 EUR ($6.71).

20:53 Roman Jewish Food at Nonna Betta Restaurant – There’s a long history of Jews in Rome, and Roman Jewish food is common in Rome especially in a certain area of the city. I didn’t want to leave Rome without eating some Roman Jewish food, so we ate dinner at a restaurant called Nonna Betta. The artichoke was good, the pasta was good, but the real winner dish for me was the oxtail. Total price – 49 EUR ($54.82)

Day 14 in Rome was an excellent day of visiting attractions in the Vatican City and eating delicious pizza and Roman Jewish food.

Disclaimer and Thank You:
Thank you to Star Alliance and their Round The World tickets (http://www.staralliance.com/en/round-the-world) for sponsoring my business class flights.
Thank you to Rome Marriott Grand Hotel Flora for sponsoring my stay in Rome.

I personally paid for all food and attractions in this video, and I decided what to do and where to eat.


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Good Humor – Int’l Restaurant Show 2016 NYC (The Vintage Ice Cream Guys)

Flash back: do you remember hearing the bells jingle when the good humor truck came by? You can re-live those days again! Rich Solomon your host on “Taking Care of Business” tours a 1949 Good Humor Ice Cream Truck (the last one surviving) and becomes nostalgic for an era that is long gone. There is a great historic photo in the montage at 6:09 on the recording of the Good Humor fleet in the depot in Queens, New York.

Please note that this is the first “food truck” in the business.

You can hear the bells at 2:09 on the recording.

Trivia: the truck was white to reflect the sun to keep the ice cream cool!

More trivia: in the 1970’s, due to the cost of fuel, the trucks became part of the reef off of Jones Beach in Long Island-there are only 30 or 40 trucks still left

for more information: www.thevintageicecreamguys.com

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SURPRISE ENDING – Flash Mob Marriage Proposal

****Official Video*****

Check out Allison’s new business designing beautiful home textiles and helping artisans in third world countries! :

On June 9, 2012 I told Allison to meet me in Bryant Park for lunch. When she arrived I had her close friend meet her and walk her toward the steps of the park. Then, a woman unknown to Allison, came up and led her to the center table for a little show.

I also had family and friends waiting on the side with instructions to pop out and join the band when they heard the song “Hey Baby, I wanna know if you’ll be my girl”!

Special Thanks to:
Bob Vitti and The Port Chester High School Marching Band
Derek Mitchell – Choreographer
Emily Greenwell – Assistant Choreographer
Alex Haughey
Brian Vidal
Kusturiss Jewelers
Nicole Leclaire-Irrobali, Mary Nite, Jeff Bonna, Diego Medina, Monica Zakeri, Ryan Magee, Perry Skoutelas, Cliff Jones

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vegan dinner vegan indian restaurant vegan pot pie vegan diet benefits best vegan cookbooks

vegan dinner vegan indian restaurant vegan pot pie vegan diet benefits best vegan cookbooks

More Tags:world vegan day,how to make vegan cheese,what are vegans,vegan patties,vegan restaurants tampa,vegan bran muffins,vegan week,urban vegan menu,best vegan restaurant nyc,vegan cucumber sandwiches

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