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Cascabel Taqueria is a casual Mexican taqueria, offering best tacos and other Mexican Food. Their house made salsas and hot sauces are made to complement the food they serve. Come, relax and enjoy their nut and gluten free offerings, organic tequilas, micro brews, and have fun piecing together your perfect meal!

Cascabel Taqueria
1556 2nd Ave Upper East Side New York NY USA 11028

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Best burritos restaurant in NYC | Shaka Burrito | New York City

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All our burritos are prepared using the finest ingredients. We use grass fed GMO-free New Zealand beef, hormone-free chicken, GMO-free basmati rice, GMO-free rice bran oil and a variety of other organic ingredients.

Best Burritos Menu for the true New Yorker

Best Burrito Duke’s Chicken 9.95
All natural roasted chicken, manchego cheese, brown rice, guacamole, roasted fajita vegetable medley

Best Burrito Hawaiian Grilled Fish 9.95
Brown rice, avocado, tropical Pico de Gallo.

Best Burrito Big Island Shrimp 9.75
Marinated shrimp, roasted pineapple, roasted Vidalia onions, brown rice, corn salsa.

Best Burrito Mojo Grilled Steak 9.75
All natural beef, cheddar cheese, Shaka salsa, adobe beans, brown rice, Vidalia onions.

Best Burrito Very Vegetarian 8.95
Roasted fajita vegetable medley, adobe black beans, brown rice, baby spinach, Hass avocado, manchego cheese.

Best Burrito Big Kahuna 9.95
The kitchen sink: chicken, beef, jack and cheddar cheese, cabbage, guacamole, traditional Pico de Gallo, adobe beans, rice, onions, corn salsa.

Best Burrito Waikiki 9.95
Roasted chicken, jack and Manchego

We operate our Shaka Burrito restaurant in NYC with ” Earth friendly ” products and practices.

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