Crustless Pizza At Umberto’s The Inventors Of The Grandma Slice — Cult Following

The birthplace of the grandma pizza is nearby on Long Island at a longtime family-run business called Umberto’s — and obsessives of the restaurant say it still makes the best version in the country.

In this episode of Cult Following, host Serena Dai visits Corteo with former Long Island food critic (and current Eater New York editor) Melissa McCart to see what all the fandom is about.
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Brickhouse Brewery – Best Pub in New York & Long Island Restaurant

Brickhouse Brewery: Where the best hand-crafted beer meets the finest food for the greatest people. Enjoy great food, plus beer from our own microbrewery.

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Best restaurants in Long Island, New York | InternetOfVideos

With so many great options, you may try yourself to a meal at some of the 10 best restaurants given below

1. George Martin Restaurant
2. The Lake House
3. Matteo’s
4. Limani
5. View
6. Prime
7. Matsuya Japanese Restaurant
8. Georgia Restaurant & Lounge
9. SriPraPhai
10. Mill Pond House

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