THE DISH: Cajun Flavors at The Bayou on Staten Island, NYC

The Bayou restaurant is the spirit of New Orleans in New York City. Chef Julian Gaxholli was inspired to open bayou on Staten Island after a trip to the big easy.

Julian has been cooking all his life. He learned his way around the kitchen from his mom and grandma.

Seafood jambalaya is a dish that pays tribute to New Orleans and his childhood.

To start, Julian coats a pan with bacon grease. Next come onions and andouille sausage. Then bell peppers, celery, basmati rice, tomato sauce, and lobster broth. Then a sprinkle of Cajun spices, some crushed pepper, and dried thyme.

And, of course, the fresh seafood: clams, mussels, scallops, calamari, crawfish and shrimp. Finally, more lobster broth.

The dish simmers for 8 to 10 minutes until it’s ready to eat. The dish is hearty and flavorful with a kick.

The special dish keeps people coming back for more. It is a New Orleans favorite with Julian’s New York City flair.


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