NYC-Greenwich Village Restaurants with Kathy Biehl

Greenwich Village has played to great Jazz, great places and certainly great food. Kathy Biehl shares with you her knowledge of the best restaurants in Greenwich Village. Kathy guides you past the over-priced tourist traps to great meals at reasonable prices.

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Best Place to Eat in NYC – Gentleman Farmer – Best Wild Game Restaurant by Luxury Travel Advisor

This small restaurant in Lower East Side NYC is a hidden gem.
It is one of my favorite and the creativity of the food is phenomenal.




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ESTIHANA – Best Asian and Sushi Restaurant in New York

Sit down, relax, and enjoy a delicious meal. When you enter Estihana, you escape from the ordinary. You enter a world surrounded by peace and tranquility. Delicious food tantalizes your tastebuds, while beautiful music soothes you.
Special Meat plate and spectaculars Sushi delicatessen are been preparing special for you.
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We make sure every dining experience is a joyful one.
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Best Japanese restaurant nyc
21 South End Ave
New York, NY 10280
Battery Park City Waterfront

Telephone : 212.786.9888 , 212.786.9878

Summer Grilling

Summer time is the ideal time for barbequing. Not just is the temperatures perfect for outdoor pursuits, but often the kids are out of school, and families are traveling for their summer vacations. Today in the US, it is unheard of for a family group to go a full summer without having or attending a barbeque cookout. Today, over 90% of homes attend a barbeque at least once every twelve months.

Summer is indeed the ideal time to plan a barbeque party. It is important to remember certain items when barbequing to make sure that your party goes flawless.

Grilling Do’s and Don’ts

1. Always start with a completely clean grill. The astounding fish that you cooked last week was indeed tasty, but unless you want a hint of fish with your hot dogs, you need to clean your grill before cooking. It is advisable that you clean you grill each and each time you use it. Wait until it cools down, and then clean the surfaces with baking soda and the racks with grease fighting dish soap and water. Japenese food can be prepared on a grill but mostly it is fresh.

2. Before you start cooking, spray your cooking area with a nonstick cooking spray. This will stop your meat from sticking when you are rotating or taking out it. If your meat sticks and tears, you will lose a large sum of juice, and your meat may dry out.

3. Never place food on the grill until the temperature is correct. The fluctuation in temperatures will result in your food to dry out or burn. If you are utilizing a charcoal grill, ensure that the coals are completely gray before putting the meat on the grill. This will allow the temperatures to level out, and virtually all of the lighter fluid to burn off.
keep in mind Japanese fod is best fresh
4. While marinating before you cook will add flavor, covering your meat in barbeque sauces before cooking will dry your meat out, and could even cause it to burn. This takes place since most barbeques sauces contain high amounts of fat and sugar, which burn really easy. Alternatively, gently seasoning your meat will work against well, and will not have any adverse effects. If you should use barbeque sauce, only add it in the final minutes before taking your meat off the grill. Just remember that meat has a natural flavor that is only introduced by barbequing, so you don’t need to ruin that.

5. Searing you meat will lock in the juices and taste, but you don’t want to cook your meat at that temperature for the whole amount of time. Once you’ve seared both sides, reduce the heat to medium. This will ensure that your meat is full of flavor and tender.

6. Once meat is cooked, never put it back in on the same plate you had it on when it was raw. This might cause the spread of many unwanted sicknesses. Do not handle cooked meat with the same utensils that you used when it was raw.

7. Never poke you meat while it is cooking. Poking holes in meat will result in the juice inside to leak out into the bottom of the grill. Not simply will this make your food dry and unappealing finally, but it is additionally could potentially ruin your barbeque grill. At the very least, it will cause a buildup of unwanted grease and juices on your grill, which will make cleanup harder.

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Italian Dine-asty – Cipriani Restaurant New York – on

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The scene reigns supreme at the glamorous SoHo outpost of the famed Cipriani restaurant empire, a sprawling, ground-level loft space with tables spilling out onto the neighborhoods main drag, West Broadway. Being the liveliest of the Cipriani clan of dining establishments and bars, this location can always be counted on for prime people-spotting and high-quality, if a bit expensive, Northern Italian cuisine. But the real reason to be here is the party-like atmosphere, which regularly draws boldface names like Denzel Washington, Gisele Bündchen, Nicole Richie, Leonardo DiCaprio and others. Fabulous Peter Beard photographs of Africa adorn the walls, while a glittering chandelier drips light on the attractive crowd sipping the house drink: the Bellini. Upstairs, the snug, Alpine-ski-lodge-style attic functions as an exclusive members-only club for the famous and the ultra-rich. On Sunday nights, it’s home to a supermodel karaoke party, where a who’s-who of A-list celebs and other glitterati types get together to guzzle champagne by the magnum and sing their favorite tunes.

The Menu: You will find most of the classic Venetian dishes familiar from the other Cipriani restaurants, but downtown offers a few nods to the slim waistlines of fashion-conscious SoHo. Note the special section of the menu dedicated to “gaining weight safely.” The lighter treats include burrata di bufala with soft polenta; fresh tomato salad; and tuna salad with cherry tomatoes and capers. If a bulging belly is of no concern, go for heartier fare, like calves liver alla Veneziana with grilled polenta; tagliolini with duck ragú; or veal medallions alla pizzaiola with rice pilaf. For dessert, crêpes alla crème are a sweet finish.

The Must-Have: Start with the carpaccio, which the restaurant claims was invented at the original and legendary Harry’s Bar in Venice, where the Cipriani restaurant empire was born in the 1940s. And of course, order a Bellini, a sparkling concoction of prosecco and peach purée invented by none other than Giuseppe Cipriani at Harry’s Bar as well. Named after a 15th-century Venetian painter, the sweet cocktail flowed freely during the heyday of Harry’s Bar, when the likes of Ernest Hemingway, Orson Welles, Charlie Chaplin and Peggy Guggenheim held court.

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|| Heart of India || Best Restaurant in New York, USA. Get 20% off Coupon…!

|| Heart of India || Best Restaurant in New York, USA.

Where Dining is Journey……!

At Heart of India we take prideand pleasure in making your trip a memorable one.You will be served like an honored Through and will enjoy a journey through thousands of years of culinary greatness.Whether your preference is mild, medium, or Indian hot. Our chef will create a masterful dish of culinary greatness, just the way you like it.

Now let the journey begin…..!

79 Second Avenue,
(Between 4th St & 5th St)
New York, NY-10003, USA.
Neighborhood: East Village.

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