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Mein laaaanges New York Tagebuch!
Ich nehme euch mit in die Stadt, die niemals schläft. Eine Woche mit Pablo (es war sein erstes Mal in New York) und jeder Menge Spaß 🙂


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2017 Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Walking Tour Times Square New York

Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Opened on 42nd Street Times Square New York in July 2007. This is the largest Ripley’s Odditorium in the world, housing over 1000 authentic artifacts and interactive exhibits in a massive 1600 square meters venue. Ripley’s is an interesting family attraction that will awe you with amazing displays of eccentric art, mind bending mysteries, collection of rare artifacts, meticulously detailed sculptures constructed from used car parts, thrilling interactive exhibits, extraordinary animals that greet you as you walk through the Ripley’s courtyard, gruesome collection of authentic shrunken head and lots of stranger than fiction fun. Join us as we meander through 20 themed galleries spanning two floors with amazing photo opportunities you won’t find anywhere else like a photo where you’re only half a person, a head in a jar, covered by live cockroaches, or hanging off the top of the Empire State building.

Ripley’s Exhibition highlights include:

The Little Apple: Explore all the lights, glamour, and sounds of NYC.
The Impossible LaseRace: Navigate a maze of lasers as quickly as possible.
The Spinning Vortex: Pass through a spinning vortex (if you can) that warps time and space.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not!
234 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036, USA
Operational Hours: Daily 9AM–1AM
Tel: +1 212-398-3133

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BEST FOOD STREETS IN TOKYO (Tips on Yokochos and Restaurants)

Quick update as to what im up to in Japan and i also decided to a do a video on where to find the best street food and food streets in Tokyo!

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Dutilleul – Tranquil
DJ Krush – Probability

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Usually a sony a7sii, dji osmo, gopro hero 4, 3dr solo drone.
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I’ve always loved making food videos and that’s how it started. Youtube starts off as a passion. Dont get into it if you are looking to make it your job. It doesn’t work that way 🙂

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Because the internet is easier and its free for you guys hahaha! Also we are currently working on producing TV shows ourselves as well.

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I do

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Seabiscuit films.

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I do.

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Peanut buttttttttttttter


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We are experiencing a #beautiful #change #seeyourcity #now #nyc #fall #colors #a…

We are experiencing a #beautiful #change 😎#seeyourcity #now #nyc #fall #colors #atitsbest #instagramnyc #natureprimeshot #photo by @blairolivia #inahyattworld #explore #travel #natureprimeshot #brooklynbaby 🍂🍁🌾 @hyattcentrictsq

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We are experiencing a #beautiful #change 😎#seeyourcity #now #nyc #fall #colors #atitsbest #instagramnyc #natureprimeshot #photo by @blairolivia #inahyattworld #explore #travel #natureprimeshot #brooklynbaby 🍂🍁🌾 @hyattcentrictsq

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If you only had #24hours to roam around #NewYorkCity what would you want to #eat…

If you only had #24hours to roam around #NewYorkCity what would you want to #eat #see and #do 😃#hyattcentricexplorer #seeNYC #instagood #instagramnyc #cityview #manhattan #skyline #photooftheday #igersnyc #picturesofnewyork #nycprimeshot #nyc #iloveny #travel #travelgram #worldtravelpics

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If you only had #24hours to roam around #NewYorkCity what would you want to #eat #see and #do 😃#hyattcentricexplorer #seeNYC #instagood #instagramnyc #cityview #manhattan #skyline #photooftheday #igersnyc #picturesofnewyork #nycprimeshot #nyc #iloveny #travel #travelgram #worldtravelpics

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Disney’s Hotel New York Tour at Disneyland Paris – Room, Restaurants, Characters, Swimming Pool!!

Take a tour around Disney’s Hotel New York in Disneyland Paris. Included Room 8825, Manhatten Restaurant, Swining Pool, Lobby and the Characters in the Lobby.


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New York Dining – El Quijote Spanish Restaurant created By; Yolland Bitton

El Quijote Restaurant
Located next to the Chelsea Hotel, El Quijote offers exquisite Cuisine from the best of Spain since 1930. Located in the Chelsea district of New York, it offers the most authentic Spanish cuisine you’ll find in New York city, at very reasonable prices.

Traditional menu favorites include mejillones, paella, chulleta and gambas. Add to the mix the restaurant’s authentic Spanish decor, Cervantes mural and well-dressed waitstaff, and it’s easy to see why this is one of Chelsea’s most carefully guarded secrets.

El Quijote appears untouched by time. While seafood remains the most popular choice on the massive menu, they know their steak here, too. Try the tapa of filet mignon tips, sizzling in a frying pan, or the special appetizer combo for two. Lobster in green sauce, like everything else, is gigante. (Be sure to spoon the extra-garlicky salsa over everything in sight.) Paella, available four different ways, is also a good choice for the table. If, by some miracle, you’re able to squeeze anything else into your stomach at meal’s end, the flan is fantastic.

Entire families enjoy themselves here, and the portions are overwhelming. Make sure you try the sangria.

Video designed by GTA Restaurantour
Phone: 416-924-0822

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36 Hours in Nice, France | The New York Times

On the southeast coast of France, Nice welcomes travelers with alluring restaurants, a broad beach, sherbet-hued buildings and gay-friendly night life.

Produced by: Max Cantor, Chris Carmichael, Will Lloyd and Fritzie Andrade

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Whether it’s reporting on conflicts abroad and political divisions at home, or covering the latest style trends and scientific developments, New York Times video journalists provide a revealing and unforgettable view of the world. It’s all the news that’s fit to watch. On YouTube.

36 Hours in Madrid, Spain | The New York Times

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